Have you been looking to upgrade your current vehicle for something new? Here at Burns Chevrolet we of course have a robust selection of vehicles you can choose from, but with your current vehicle you have a number of different choices and that includes trading in or selling your vehicle to our dealership!

We're always looking to purchase vehicles from those in Spartanburg and the surrounding area, and it's always a good time to sell your vehicle to us and upgrade into a brand new Chevrolet, or another standout pre-owned vehicle. We have lots of choices and there's plenty of benefits to selling to us. For starters, we can give you the chance to sell your vehicle at its remaining value and then apply that value toward the purchase of an upgraded vehicle from our showroom, so you are able to save off the final cost and finance at a lower rate. Secondly, by selling your vehicle to us, you're doing away with having to put in all the effort of a private sale on your own, where you have to field phone calls and make listings all while trying to figure out if a buyer is serious or not. Additionally, we'll handle the sale paperwork too.

With this convenient and easy way to sell your vehicle to us and upgrade to a new option, why wouldn't you give it some thought? When you're ready to get started or find out more, contact us here at Burns Chevrolet serving those in Gaffney, Shelby and Boiling Springs and we'd be happy to help you!

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